Why Do You Need A Massage
August 28, 2018


Stress For An Average Nigerian

Studies by UNICEF in 2016 shows that 44% of Nigeria’s population feels more stressed than they did 5 years ago. 1 in 5 Nigerians experience extreme stress. More study also shows that between 2013-2018 there has been a 60% increase in productivity over the last 5 years plus stagnant wages=working hard for less. Work stress alone causes 10% of strokes. Furthermore, stress is the basic cause of 60% of all human illness and diseases; 40% risk of heart disease, 25% risk of heart attack and 50% risk of stroke.

In Nigeria, lots of people accumulating to 40% eat or over eat unhealthy foods. 44% lose sleep every night because of the increase in productivity, meaning more working hours and less sleep. Coupled with sitting down for long hours at work and the heavy traffic to and from work an average Nigerian faces. Lets not forget, stress also shrinks the brain.

Here the good news; At Danisty Spa we help reduce stress. How you may ask? With our dedicated staff who have been well trained to help and our top notch equipment, study has shown massage therapy is effective for much more than just relaxation. It helps with variety of health conditions including insomnia, headaches, anxiety, lower back pain, circular problems and recovery from sport injuries.

At Danisty spa we take away the stress with our well trained experts in various kinds of massages. Remember not just anyone can give a true therapeutic massage; so make sure to seek the services of a trained massage therapist.

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