Stressed? Exhausted? Body aches? Need a full body treat but too busy or tired to go to a spa?


Welcome To Danisty Spa

Danisty Spa offers spa Treatments (full body massages, organic facials, body exfoliation, steam, pedicure and manicure) to clients in their desired location within Lagos. This mobile service is created solely to cater to the needs of tired and busy individuals who need spa treatment but are discouraged by factors such as time constraints and traffic they may face in making a trip to and fro a day spa. Current statistics by UNICEF in 2016 shows that 44% of Nigeria’s population feels more stressed than they did 5 years ago. 1 in 5 Nigerians experience extreme stress. Our services are designed to be deployable in homes, offices, hotels, and events. Our services are currently only deployable in Lagos.

Stress is the basic cause of 60% of human illness and diseases now; there are news of people fainting, slumping and depression leading to most of these sicknesses like stroke, heart attack etc even death. 44% of Nigeria's population lose sleep every night because they spend most of their sleep hours in the traffic and are up early the next day to get to work; coupled with long hours of sitting in same traffic and offices puts so much pressure on the human body and causes the body to breakdown occasionally.


Our Speciality


We are dedicated to cater to the needs of the tired and the busy who need spa treatment at their convenience.

Mobile Service

We are equipped to set-up spa anywhere in Lagos without losing the scenery and ambiance. We bring the spa to you.

Home service

We service you at the comfort of your home, offices and hotels.

We are equipped to set-up spa anywhere without losing the scenery and ambiance that is expected at the day spa

In the last 2 years and counting we have been privileged to serve over 100 individuals across different sectors including corporate employees, entrepreneurs, brides and grooms, pre and post-natal mothers, stay at home wives, aged parents and celebrities.

We require at least 48 hours prior booking for week-day appointments and 72 hours prior booking for weekend within Lagos and 5 days outside Lagos



We have served over 100 individuals across different sectors.

years of experience

Over two years experience